As the kids these days say, “It’s blowin’ up”

It is.  After I sent the first message I went from 2 to 6 followers.

I went to class on Monday.  I told them the plan.

They asked me to move the due dates to the day before assignment were due.  Of course, they were incredibly polite.  They told me that it would be more effective if they received the Tweet the day before assignments were due…to serve as a final reminder to ‘get ‘er done.’ Duh, that seems completely logical.

When I logged on this afternoon to change the due dates the following had happened.

In one class, I moved from 6 to 24 followers (39 possible, although I don’t know how many have Twitter accounts).

In the other class, I moved from 2 to 10 followers (23 possible, again – I don’t know how many have Twitter accounts).

In this class, a student had already tagged me with a question.

Hmmm…this Twitter thing is catchy.  Thank goodness for HootSuite that will allow me to manage this project.

So, that’s where I am.  That’s where we are.  I’m excited to see what the semester will bring and this blog will serve me well as a record of what went right…and, of course, what went wrong.

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