Going Paperless (well..nearly paperless)

I love handouts.  I love worksheets.  I love examples. I love rubrics.

I hate it when students forget handouts.

I hate it when students forget worksheets.

I hate it when students lose examples.

I hate it when students forget rubrics.

So, I gave in.  I had struggled for a couple of years.  I tried to use our University’s online system.  I don’t know about anyone else, but it often seemed like it took a rocket scientist to figure it out.  There are plenty of rocket scientists and brain surgeons at Universities across the nation.  I know a Math Professor that is WICKED smart. He can’t figure it out either.  He gets so angry he even uses profanity on Facebook (gasp).

Not only does it seem cumbersome, but it changes.  EVERY. STINKIN. YEAR. IT. CHANGES.

I actually embrace change…but not in this arena.  I hate reloading assignments, refiguring rubrics.    I want to spend time creating and designing new lessons and assignments…not redo’ing something I already spent a week (or more) last summer doing. SO. FRUSTRATING.

But it wasn’t only frustrating to me.  It was also frustrating for my students.  The links didn’t work.  They couldn’t access off-campus because their internet was slower.  They couldn’t download on tablets. Problems, problem, problems.

These problems, their problems…eventually became my problems. I would have to take time to troubleshoot the site. Reload document in word in PDF form in any form that they could possibly see.  Seriously…what was it that I said?

I want to spend time creating and designing new lessons and assignments.  I want that time to read to research..to be up to date.  Why?  So I don’t become one of ‘those’ teachers (mentioned in my first entry).

So, I went paperless.  I used Weebly.  Woah…it’s CRAZY easy.  No worries, I’m not getting paid by them to say that.  I contacted some folks at our University because I wanted to use the University logo…but I also didn’t want to break rules.  They promptly sent me a 20-page guide for what mt website for my class should look like.  No thanks.  They offered to help me use their system.  No thanks.  I wasn’t trying to be ornery.  I tried their system.  I’d spend six hours trying to figure it out…and really accomplish nothing.

I created a full website for a class – including assignment links, media links, rubric, schedules, embedded documents, pictures, feedback section, and a class blog – in a day. Less than a day, really.  Once I got going…it was easy peasy.

So, hey there official folks…when your system becomes that easy to use, I’ll be glad to use it.  Until then…no thanks – I’d rather spend my time how?

Creating new lessons

Designing new assignments

Reading current research

Researching current trends

Thinking about best practices

That is what I want to spend my time doing.  Becoming a better teacher.

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4 Responses to Going Paperless (well..nearly paperless)

  1. katkiniowa says:

    Me too, but I went to google which works as well as this does for you.

  2. Heather Nichols says:

    I feel as if writing a blog is an excellent way for your old students to pretend for a moment they are back in your class! Take care, Heather

    • nicholekea says:

      Oh Heather, and reading your updates on FB gives me such hope for humanity. You are doing amazing things out there…keep fighting the good fight.

  3. Basil Laraia says:

    I simply want to say I am newbie to blogs and definitely loved this page. Almost certainly I’m going to bookmark your blog . You absolutely have good articles. Thank you for revealing your webpage.

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