The beginning…

Well…here we go.

I love to teach.  I love to write.  So, one of my collegues said, ‘you know – you’re always trying something new, you should really publish what you do.’

Only one problem.  I don’t like that idea.  Sure, an article would be fine – but research is not my deal.  I wish it was.  I just love to focus on teaching in new, different, and innovative ways.  Challenging myself along with my students.  Truly, my nightmare is to be in my 20th year of teaching and be ‘that teacher.’  You know the one….

That pulls out the same lesson plans

That pulls out worksheets that are still in that funky blue print (teachers of the 90’s know what I mean).

That just puts in a movie.

That fails to challenge students…and fails to challenge myself.

So, I begin to record what it is I’m doing this semester…but I think I need to start with last semester.  Going paperless.

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