What’s the Point?

So, that’s the question I ask my students every time I read, listen, or look at their work.  What is your point?  C’mon…you have to have a point, otherwise you wouldn’t do it.

Every action is a reaction, and every reaction propels a new action.

So…here it is.  This is my blog, my diary of sort of my Twitter experience.

As I began to think about using Twitter to give students updates about assignments, due dates, class materials, class locations, etc. I began to have anxiety.  How will I keep up?  If I really dive in and use this for all of my classes…how will I keep up?  When things change…how will I keep up?  I went paperless to have more time devoted to teaching well.  Now, was that time going to be sucked into Twitter?  Ugh.

Oh wait…I’m remembering something….a moment in time…what was it…c’mon brain…

Oh yeah.  This thing that I heard of that is being used to manage all social media outlets at one time.  This is the value of letting your students teach YOU.  A student stopped in my office and was telling me about this cool thing she learned about from a friend.  I remember the student, the moment, but not the thing.

Why is it that as I get older I have these memories…I can remember the details.  All the details but what I really WANT to remember?!?!?!  Arrrrggghhhh…

So, what do you do?  Of course, use Facebook.  ‘Hey…remember that thing you were telling me about where you can manage all of your social media and didn’t you say you could schedule tweets?  If, in fact, I knew someone who may want to use it for class…what would I tell them is the name of that thing? ;)’  Winkie faces always help, everyone knows that.


HootSuite is my new favorite thing (behind my husband and kids, of course…and a couple pairs of shoes).

Yes, my friends.  HootSuite allows you to schedule Tweets.  So, before class even began I scheduled Tweets.  For every assignment due. I even attached the website address.  Did you know you could do that?  Amazing.  Really.  It was so easy.  I scheduled 30+ assignments in less than an hour.  I can also see them all on one page.

While I was at it I threw in some motivational phrases as well as some ‘stay out of trouble’ quotes every day during spring break.

I was so excited that the weekend before school started (last Friday). I sent all of my students an email to follow the course Twitter site.  What happened next is what prompted my writing.

BTW – HootSuite is not paying me either.  It’s a free service.  Well, you sign up for the ‘free Pro version’ and have to give them your credit card number.  Then, you can go in and cancel the Pro and downgrade to the free version.  The free version has worked perfectly for me (at least so far).

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  1. You’re not alone I just wanted to tell you that this is a great blog

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