Damn Pendulums

It’s now moved from 24 to 28, in two days.  Yes, I get that is not at warp speed.  It’s a bit funny how life changes though.

I was worried about the amount of time it was going to take.

Today, I decided I wanted my class to take an online personality quiz (yikes…sometimes you DON’T want to know the outcome…).  I tweeted the request and the link.  Then I realized I also had to send it to my class list, because not everyone is on Twitter

This meant logging into the University system.  Typing in another UserName and ID. Waiting for the screen to load.  Choosing the right semester.  Choosing the class roster.  Then sending it.  Then, I had to repeat the process. 

Yes, there is an easier way – I could just have a listserve for my students…

That’s not really the point.  The point is, I thought to myself, “Wow, sure would be nice if they just all followed the class on Twitter.”


Did I just say that?  Who am I?  Who have I turned into?

Another thing….I have found this blogging deal to be so fun, that I went to class on Wednesday and said, “I want you to do this too…as a reflection of your journey.”  I had specific rules.

1.  Write how you want to write, in your own voice.  I don’t really care about grammar, punctuation, and that stuff that I’m normally a bit obsessive about.

2.  Write about what you want to write about.  There will be times that I will direct you to write about something…but still refer to #1.

3.  I don’t want you to always reflect on assignments.  I want you to reflect on your learning, your education.  Learning is not a destination, it is a journey.  I want you to pay attention to that…don’t always be thinking about the grade.  I get that it’s important…but I want to know how education is changing YOU!

I showed them this blog as an example, they actually thought it was funny.  I joke that I’m a bit of a comedian….but they actually think I’m funny.  They do.  They really, really do.(thanks to Sally Field for that outburst in my office…thank goodness no one was walking by.)

So far, I love this.  Here is the deal…in writing, well in education in all areas really – we teachers, we struggle with the pendulum.  The it should be all creative, no structure.  It should be all structure, no creative.  Same thing when I was getting my BA. My Prof said to me, “The worst thing you can do to a child is ask them to sound out the word.”  WHAT?!?!?  Are you kidding me???  The worst thing??  I’m still sounding words out.  Now, as a mother I say…sound it out.  I do it with them…and really I think it’s kinda fun.  How do you spell it?

Hip po pot a mus.  Yeah…it’s gets them close.  And…by the way…sound that out…those p’s are just pure fun for your lips.  Anyway, back to the pendulum.

Structure is good.  Writing in an academic style that is professional is necessary.

Creative is good.  Writing with feeling and style is necessary.

They are BOTH important and necessary.  This semester, I’m very excited to show my students that both styles (not one or the other) are important.  I’m also showing them that I use both styles.  They have the link to this blog….and they will also read academic writing (authored by me). 

Maybe it’s a larger issue in society.  I fell in love with a jock.  I’m a theatre chick.  We’re not supposed to love each other.  AT ALL.  But we do.  A LOT.  I’m so enthralled by what he knows and does…he provides a new viewpoint to me.  He’s enthralled by my feeling,artistry, and how I live each day with passion.  Why does it have to be one or the other?

Shouldn’t we have a mutual liking?  We call it passion…and when we started to break it down – we realized we were much more alike than different.

He had a stadium.  I had a stage.

He had fans.  I had an audience.

He had players.  I had actors.

He had quarters.  I had scenes.

He had plays.  I had stage directions.

He had coaches. I had directors.

It seems to me that defining our differences only creates division.

We should stop the pendulum and simply look both ways.  Teach both ways.  When you only look or teach one way…death may happen.  Death of the ability to recognize our similarities first, and embrace our differences last.

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2 Responses to Damn Pendulums

  1. He had a playbook, you had a book of plays

  2. nicholekea says:

    oooo…good one Doug!!!! A perfect addition 🙂 A perfect pair 😉

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