Call me maybe, text me maybe, tweet me maybe, fb me maybe….


That is one thing of the many benefits that incorporating social media into my classroom has brought. I know it doesn’t sound like it…but it has. How?

Well, it was more work up front. Using HootSuite to ‘schedule’ all of my tweets for my classes took me about an hour. Putting all of my course information (except classroom notes) on Weebly took a day. I had a stinkin’ suspicion that it would save me time later. I was hoping it would save me time later.

Well, it has. It has also added to my freedom.

Or….should I saw an unwillingness to say it more than once. Because I have the information out there in so many ways, I feel good about this conversation,

“Professor, I wasn’t sure about the assignment that was due today, that is why it’s not done.”
“Did you get the information from the website?”
“Are you signed up for assignment reminder tweets?”
“Were you in class the day it was assigned?”
“Well, then, I’m sorry. You had access to the information in a variety of ways AND you had a reminder to get it finished. When you receive information through that many modes…well, I have a difficult time that you didn’t use even one of those modes to contact me for further instruction. I’m sorry, I will certainly take time to give you feedback on your assignment, but will not accept it for credit.”

Whew…that felt good. Really, really good. Here is the strange irony. If I’m in ‘their world’ then ‘their’ inability to finish something REALLY has nothing to do with me and my world.

So, freedom. The freedom to answer most questions like this,
“Professor, I was wondering about how to get credit for this.”
“Did you check the website.”
“Well, the answer is on the website. Check again.”

I was telling a colleague of mine the above story and she said, “The worst part is when they say, but it’s faster if you just tell me.'”

Faster for whom? Faster for you…but I have a stack of grading, and an inbox of emails, and a blinking light on my phone. Here is my deal…I’ve made my classes paperless (for the most part), everything is within the handful of internet that they carry around. So, use it. Now I get to answer those messages like this…

“Check the website, if you still can’t find the answer. Look again. If you still can’t find the answer email the question. At that point, I will let you know if we need to meet – or tell you to check the website again.

You know what it is? Self- efficacy, self-sufficiency…self anything…except self-absorbed. self-absorption IS Twitter, IS Facebook, IS GooglePlus, IS LinkedIn.

So, next time instead of updating your status, try updating and upgrading your life by ACTUALLY updating your status…the status that counts with others, with humans. The status that IS self-efficacy and self-sufficiency.

That’s all…update and upgrade your status as a breathing, productive human.

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