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Enlightened Entitlement

Well…present time is over, it’s time to put away the tree, and final grades have been entered. Time to begin again…. Oh wait, not quite yet. There is this new phenomenon that is happening to college professors across the country. … Continue reading

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What’s the rush?

It’s finals time in University land. A strange time filled with out of control tired laughter and tears (often simultaneously). Immense amounts of caffeine. Struggling students and professors, alike. All of us – in one boat, rushing to get it … Continue reading

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Get off the fence.

Maybe its a perfection thing – part of the ‘Participation Trophy’ business. I have a few friends who call it the ‘soccerization’ of America. Everyone wins! Everyone gets a medal/trophy! There are always snacks! We high five everyone! We cheer … Continue reading

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