I am a teacher.  I have always been a teacher. My aunts are teachers. My uncles are teachers. Two grandparents were teachers. I believe it is in my blood.

I played school, every day. I asked my teachers to give me their old worksheets. My dolls and stuffed animals served as my first learners.

My teaching career started as soon as I became a reader and writer.

I have been teaching ever since.  I am convinced that some of us are born to teach. Much like any other career – those who cannot imagine ever doing anything else are truly sharing their gift.  

I feel blessed to have discovered my gift and to be surrounded by supportive people who encouraged me realize my full potential.

This blog is about my teaching.  My successes…and also, my failures.  I am not perfect and I cannot get better at my craft without failing.  Please feel free to share my blog with others, to leave comments, and to participate in this discussion about education.


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